Monday, July 28, 2014

Interview with CNN

I was invited by CNN on July 27 to speak to the News about "Life in Gaza" amid the ongoing Israeli offensive. I accepted, and was on air at 1:40 AM Jerusalem time/6:40 PM EST time. Prepared to speak about life in Gaza, I was shocked -well, not really shocked, what else can you expect from CNN- that all the questions were about Hamas.

A couple of hours later, CNN published the interview on Youtube. But guess what? They only published about 1/4th of it, the part where the anchor starts his question by "What's life like in Gaza?" It seems that the people at the CNN News Room read the tweets that my friends and I critisized them with- they whole itnerview had nothing to do with life in Gaza. Notice that they rudely cut me off when I spoke about my Canadian friend, who's house was targeted and who survived miraculously.

Luckily, my uncle was watching the interview and had recorded it!!

Here's the complete interview,

And here's the interview that CNN wants you to see.

So much for freedom of speech.

Unfortunately, this case is but one of many incidents where international media strives to sabotage the Palestinian narrative by linking it to propaganda that they had already brainwashed their audiences with.
Mind you, Palestinians are also not given as many platforms or opportunities as Israelis, and when that is done, restrictions are imposed, as seen in this video.

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