Yasmeen El Khoudary ياسمين الخضري

Yasmeen El Khoudary ياسمين الخضري

Thursday, May 19, 2016

First post from London: reflections on the 'nothingness' of the Palestinian Museum

As the Palestinian Museum was opening in Birzeit last night after twenty years of waiting, I was headed to an event called: "Space and Memory in the War-Torn City"; which featured "eight short films exploring people’s relationships with cities in the Arab world that are being altered and destroyed by conflict." Quite fitting.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Interview with CNN

I was invited by CNN on July 27 to speak to the News about "Life in Gaza" amid the ongoing Israeli offensive. I accepted, and was on air at 1:40 AM Jerusalem time/6:40 PM EST time. Prepared to speak about life in Gaza, I was shocked -well, not really shocked, what else can you expect from CNN- that all the questions were about Hamas.

A couple of hours later, CNN published the interview on Youtube. But guess what? They only published about 1/4th of it, the part where the anchor starts his question by "What's life like in Gaza?" It seems that the people at the CNN News Room read the tweets that my friends and I critisized them with- they whole itnerview had nothing to do with life in Gaza. Notice that they rudely cut me off when I spoke about my Canadian friend, who's house was targeted and who survived miraculously.

Luckily, my uncle was watching the interview and had recorded it!!

Here's the complete interview,

And here's the interview that CNN wants you to see.

So much for freedom of speech.

Unfortunately, this case is but one of many incidents where international media strives to sabotage the Palestinian narrative by linking it to propaganda that they had already brainwashed their audiences with.
Mind you, Palestinians are also not given as many platforms or opportunities as Israelis, and when that is done, restrictions are imposed, as seen in this video.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

For AJE: Gaza child: Three wars old

To a child in Gaza:
- "How old are you?"
- "Three wars, and still growing."
- Sara Naim Khatib

On November 21, 2012, during the second Israeli offensive on Gaza, I wrote an opinion piece for Al Jazeera "Steal what you will from the blueness of the sea and the sand of memory".

Today, I could have asked Al Jazeera to simply republish the same article, with minor changes in the family and children's names, and some new photos. Back then, we thought that what was happening was a testimony to the old history-repeats-itself concept.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Morning hallucinations from Gaza هلوسات ساعات القصف الاولى

English text below

هلوسات ساعات القصف الاولى

أعتذر عن عدم استخدام الحركات لتشكيل الحروف

الساعة في غزة تشير الى الخامسه صباحا ولم يغمض لي جفن. أخذ كتابي الى الشباك وأجلس تحته في محاوله يائسه لالتقاط ما أمكن من أشعه الشمس الأولى, نظرا لأن الكهرباء لم تزرنا منذ 35 ساعة. أقرأ, بناءا على نصيحه ملائكيه, كتاب "كافكا على الشاطئ" باللغه الانجليزيه, (سوف أحاول ترجمة الاقتباس بما يوفى للمعنى)
"الطائرة المتلئلئه التى رئيناها في السماء ذكرتنا للوقت قصير بالحرب, ولكن سرعان ما عدنا الى الاستمتاع بوقتنا. كانت السماء صافيه من دون أي غيوم أو رياح, كل شئ كان هادئ من حولنا: لم نكن نسمع غير زقزقه العصافير. بدت الحرب وكأنها في مكان بعيد جدا ليس له أي علاقه بنا. غنينا الأغاني ونحن نتسلق التله وكنا نقلد العصافير أحيانا. عدا عن حقيقة أن الحرب لا زالت مستمرة, كان صباح مثالي"

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ancient Gods of Gaza: Apollo and Zeus in statue

Ever since an ancient (at least 2000 years old) and extremely rare metal statue of Apollo was found in Gaza last summer, Gaza came under an unfamiliar media spotlight (albeit for scattered stories about its history). The statue, of which the discovery details remain disputed, is extremely rare, since very few statues of the time were made in metal/bronze. It is also beautifully impeccable, judging only from the few photos that were shared with the world: the statue remains 'hidden' somewhere in the Strip of Gaza.

This historic discovery was not the first in Gaza, but due to a long que of news about alleged 'terrorism' and the likes, little has been said about the city's impressive history. I will be posting a list of sources that talk about the history of Gaza from the earliest antiquity, but for now, there is one story that I would like to allude to:

In 1879, Palestinians living in Tell Ajjul (تل العجول) about 20 km south of Gaza stumbled upon a 4x1x.7 meters yellow sandstone structure, which turned out to be the largest known statue of Zeus in the world (since the destruction of "Zeus of Olympia" in 5th Century AD). The statue was seized by the Ottoman authorities that were ruling Gaza at the time and sent to Istanbul. Ever since, the statue has been displayed in the Istanbul Archaeology Museum as "Zeus of Gaza." Zeus's left arm has probably drowned in the deep sands of Gaza. We can now at least be assured that when our descendants find it, Gaza will make it to the news in positive light again.

Zeus of Gaza. Source

Friday, December 27, 2013

وداعاً دكتور اياد... Farewell Dr. Eyad

(English below)

كيف لشخص قضى حياته  في علاج الأمراض النفسيه لأفراد مجتمع أنهكت السنين ما تبقى من عقله وأفقدته صوابه وحطمت نفسيته, شخص رأي وسمع وعالج حالات لم يتخيلها سيجموند فرويد في أشنع أحلامه, أن يكون هو ملجأ الأمل الوحيد لذات المجتمع؟ كيف؟ هل الأمل ضريبة دفعها له المجتمع مقابل العلاج؟  هل التحصن بالأمل شرط من شروط ممارسة المهنة؟ أم هل كان يستمد الأمل في المستقبل من ألم الحاضر؟
لا أذكر متى تعرفت على دكتور اياد السراج, حيث أنه كان صديق مقرب لوالدي منذ سنوات كثيرة واعتدنا على زياراته وجلساته دوماً. كنت أهوى أن أنصت للحديث الذي يدور بين والدي ودكتور اياد, لأني كنت ألاحظ أن والدي يدخل في أبعاد وزوايا ونقاشات بطريقة ندر ما شهدته يتبعها مع أشخاص اخرين. كانت وكأنها أحاديث تدور في عالم اخر.
التحقت بالمدرسة الأمريكية الدولية في غزة عام 2000, وكان دكتور اياد رئيس مجلس ادارتها. لم تكن المدرسة مجرد مدرسة, بل كانت أيضا بمثابة حقل تجارب لسياسات سوف تتبعها الأطراف المعنية لاحقأ على مستوى أكبر: الاحتلال هاجم المدرسة العديد من المرات ابتدائاً من عام 2001 وقطع عنها الموارد, السلطة الفلسطينينة تجاهلت المدرسة وفقدت الاهتمام بها بعد أن تم الهجوم عليها عام 2007, حكومة حماس أزالت أنقاض المدرسة  وتنتظر بناء مدرسة بمساعدة قطرية فوق الأرض الفارغة. باختصار, مأساة المدرسة بين عامي 2001-2007 كانت نموذج مصغر لمستقبل غزة حتى يومنا هذا.

دكتور اياد خلال حفل تخرج أول وفد من المدرسة الأمريكية في غزة ٢٠٠٦ -تصوير جورج عازر

Monday, November 26, 2012

Published by Aljazeera: Steal what you will from the blueness of the sea

Steal what you will from the blueness of the sea and the sand of memory

The world should start looking at our cause with its brains and not with its donations.

The millions that were "spent by different world powers on rebuilding Gaza", rehabilitating its homes, schools and hospitals, creating emergency and early recovery programmes, "have all gone to waste" [REUTERS]

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Hopeful Week in Gaza

[Note: This article was written prior to the ongoing attacks on Gaza].

While the world was busy following an election that will probably result in nothing but more negative interventions in our futures, Gaza was immersed in a long week of events and accomplishments.

People usually imagine that living in Gaza, our lives revolve around conflict and our futures are in the hands of whoever is running the Middle East. Little do they know about the unraveled potential in this city, and the magnificent history it sits upon.

That said, what else happens in Gaza and is not covered by the media? It’s the good news. Allow me to share with you a few examples of good news made in Gaza, all in just over a week.

Continue reading on: http://www.fairobserver.com/article/hopeful-week-gaza

*[This article was originally published by Fair Observer on November 19, 2012].

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deep political analysis of the current situation in Gaza.

Here's what I think.

غزة، قط بسبع أرواح. روح للأرض، روح للبحر، روح للسماء، روح للقضية، روح للماضي، روح للمستقبل، و روح للانسان.

Gaza, like a cat, has seven souls. A soul for earth, a soul for the sea, a soul for the sky, a soul for the cause, a soul for the past, a soul for the future, and a soul for the human.

And Gaza will survive this time, like it always does.

Image from EI

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rehabilitation Centre for the Visually Impaired- Gaza

Because this city will continue to give, and never ask for anything in return...

I'm heading to UNRWA's Rehabilitation Centre for the Visually Impaired-#Gaza to celebrate its golden jubilee. This amazing center, which runs under UNRWA, has been helping visually impaired in children enjoy life for the past 50 years. An asylum providing educational and rehabilitation services for 150 'different' kids, right in the middle of a crazy city.

More info and pictures to follow..