Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Hopeful Week in Gaza

[Note: This article was written prior to the ongoing attacks on Gaza].

While the world was busy following an election that will probably result in nothing but more negative interventions in our futures, Gaza was immersed in a long week of events and accomplishments.

People usually imagine that living in Gaza, our lives revolve around conflict and our futures are in the hands of whoever is running the Middle East. Little do they know about the unraveled potential in this city, and the magnificent history it sits upon.

That said, what else happens in Gaza and is not covered by the media? It’s the good news. Allow me to share with you a few examples of good news made in Gaza, all in just over a week.

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*[This article was originally published by Fair Observer on November 19, 2012].

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  1. Aloha Yasmeen,
    Al Jazeera ate my comment, but I wanted to thank you for your extra effort in putting into words the horrific human cost of conflict and the human reasons why it continues. I hope your words will be read widely and will help all to put the pain aside and take steps to live in peace, respect, and love.
    In reading your words, I felt both your pain and your pride, and learned a lot.