Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My article for CNN: Revolutions have made us proud Arabs


  1. So happy your work has made it to CNN, Yasmeen! Congratulations!

  2. There are people who care about PalestineMarch 31, 2011 at 10:19 AM

    Great article and well done for getting it on CNN. Im half Palestinian living abroad and it's great to hear such articulate words from a Palestinian living in the hell that is Israel. We are not all 'terrorists' and we feel just like any other human being.

  3. Why, when the Israelis left Gaza, didn't the Palestinians use that opportunity to create a sane government? Instead, all you've done is continue the war with Israel, shooting missiles randomly into civilian areas.


  4. Why do you not mention Bahrain?!!
    Let us free Palestine, Libya, YEMEN, Bahrain, Egypt, and other evil Arab dictatorships for freedom and liberty!

  5. ı lıke your article about woman in gazza..please write more much...ı am journalist from Turkey..ıf you want and send your article on my gmail ı would be see you

  6. Greetings and regards, your insight and opinions are quite enlightening as well as moving, especially for one who has never faced such adversity and come out shining. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    I think before a political revolution can change anything anywhere, there has to be a shift in the social structure which is almost wholly directed by religion. Otherwise its different oppressors and different oppression. That applies to my country, ie, India as it does to any other nation on this earth. Fundamentalism of any kind is by its very nature self-/destructive.
    Another thing, is it true that some militant groups in palestine receive money from the saudi oil sheiks to launch attacks against israel ?