Monday, August 22, 2011

My latest for Aljazeera English: Gaza, "Guilty until proven innocent"

The mini war that Israel waged on Gaza following the turmoil in South Israel is just another perfect example of how Gaza is the Middle East's "Biggest Loser." Caught in a thorny network composed of selfish interests and different agendas, the 1.5 million people of Gaza are indeed the biggest losers when it comes to just about anything in the Middle East.

Our destiny does not lie within our hands. We do not have any control over even the smallest aspects of our lives. We do not enjoy the luxury of planning for tomorrow, let alone next week. We, the people of Gaza, valiantly try to go on with our daily lives as if things are in perfect order. But there are times when things are so bleak and so dark that everything we have been trying to build collapses in the blink of an eye.

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  1. Yasmeen, if you wish to be a journalist you have to be descent: apart from the soldiers that were killed, four civilians were shot to death from a zero distance, essentially executed. 2 men and 2 women in their fifties.
    That created an outrage in the Israeli public.
    But you "forgot" to mention that.

  2. Gaza is indeed a big looser.

    The Gazan elected, in democratic elections a fanatic regime - the Hamas.

    The whole world views the Hamas as a terror organization (although that's not true) and as a result the Gazans suffer.

    Isn't it the time to revolt against the Hamas and to establish a better regime for the Palestinian people ?

  3. israiel's problem is that what ever it thinks, it assumes that its the opinion of the whole world. great post, and let them remain in their slumber, apart from america no one thinks of hamas as a terror organization.
    heart's with u

  4. Thanks for your view, very important for me.
    Please do not care about what others think of your work, or say you and your people should or would do.
    just dont care.
    If journalist should be descent, there would ever be Fox news, and you, for sure are descent.
    The whole world that the other post talks about is a world that is falling appart, the european/amex first world view of everything. Thanks to themselves.
    Hope you go on, thanks from a former-banana republic, BraSil, with S.