Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January and the Palestinian: Struggle, Authority Papers, and Planned Scandals.

A quick thought.

January, Fateh and the PA.

The first day of this year marked the 47th anniversary of the launching of Fateh's revolutionary movement.

During the same week, we heard of the Jordan Scandal- PA officials meeting with Israeli officials under divine Jordanian moderation, discarding reconciliation talks, popular sentiment and demand, etc...

This time last year (a few weeks later in Jan to be specific), we heard of the PA Papers Scandal. Documents revealed the PA's foreknowledge of the war on Gaza and their contribution to stonewalling the Goldstone Report.

If I dig deeper into the history of the movement, I'm probably going to find other 'interesting' PA January affairs. These 3 events just struck me because they seemed to happen at the very same time. The excerpt below, which I copied from Fateh's 1965 Constitution, was something I memorized by heart back in the day when my patriotic dreams were still undiluted from the diseases that have so widely spread through the organs of the Palestinian struggle. Although I'm up in arms against the idea of political factions in Palestine, meaning that I associate myself with nothing and noone but the noble Palestinian Cause, it really saddens me to see how Fateh descended from 1965, to 2012.

Fateh's 1965 Constitution introduction:

Dear brother, comrade of the struggle:
This movement is a patriotic and historical responsibility which we all must shoulder honestly... And let's inspire all those who are faithful to Palestine with this concerted, patriotic deed... We all must confront critical times, and tolerate mishaps patiently... We all must sacrifice ourselves, our effort and time; these are the weapons of honest patriots. 
Don't, therefore, dear brother bring your march to a halt! 
Proceed in your march, armed with the patriots' resolution, the true believers' determination, and the fighters' patience... Our people are in need of every second after our case has taken that long... Let's not forget for a while that our enemy is strong, and that the fight is fierceful and long... Consequently, determination, patience, confidentiality, commitment, and abiding by the revolution's goals and principles keep our march unremittingly steady and makes our road to victory much shorter. 
Proceed, then my brother, forward... to the revolution.
Long live Palestine, a free Arab state.

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  1. I know your political position since I had read your essay for the first time on your site. I have been very interesting in your activities and introduced your issues to the members of Japan AALA through our official organ. We shall support you and Palestinian people as possible as we can. Add it, I should tell that the performance of Gaza story produced by Dr. Mari Oka was held successfully in Kyoto December 2011.