Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I must apologize for having been an inactive blogger for the last two months. Swamped with work, busy with a new project, and adjusting to a slightly different lifestyle. I'm thinking outloud here- would it be ok if I blog about random, non-Gaza/Palestine related things? I won't give examples until I figure out the answer.

Last night's midnight hallucinations- Israeli Apaches woke us up around midnight. The whole city was up in anticipation, fear (yes, its ok to be scared), while a toddler (Hadeel El Haddad) was assassinated by the Israelis. Fifty people were being murdered in Syria. Meanwhile in Egypt: Egyptians were divided between Shafik and Morsi, and Mubarak's death or survival. Spare us the drama, please? Who cares if he's dead/alive/resurrected/incarnated? What significant difference is that going to make at this stage?

On Egypt: my friend posted this hilarious comment this morning:

النهارده يوم سعيد جداااااا فى تاريخ مصر..اللى انتخب مرسى فرحان لأن مرسى كسب واللى انتخب شفيق فرحان لأن شفيق كسب. و اللى قاطع فرحان لان طنطاوى لبس الكسبان السلطانيه.
اللى بيكره مبارك فرحان لأنه مات
و اللى بيحبه فرحان لأنه لسه عايش
ربنا يباركلنا فى الحشيش المصرى طويل التيلة

It roughly translates into:

Today is a very happy day in Egypt's history. 

The people who elected Morsi are happy because Morsi won, and the ones who elected Shafiq are happy because Shafiq won. The ones who boycotted are happy because Tantawi/SCAF is the winner. 
Whoever hates Mubarak is happy because he died, and whoever likes him is happy because he's still alive. Long live Egyptian hash! 

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