Sunday, October 30, 2011

i hate being a victim of psychological torture, and israel for making me one.

It's not funny anymore. There came a time when we made endless jokes about israel's unbearable drones, etc but they're not funny. and its not funny. and you shouldn't be laughing, neither should i. we laughed last night, but  its not funny any more. this is no laughing matter. this is making my head sore. it feels like a headache that JUST WONT GO. it feels like an israeli mosquito that zooms around your head, and flies in and out at its pleasure, leaving you with that eternal headache. it feels like living in some war movie about vietnam, ww2, or the cold war. in fact, its worse than any war movie i've ever seen.

This picture wasnt part of the original post.. I saw it later, and added it after the terrible effect of the drones curse started to 'buzz' off

its part of the weather. you cant escape it. it follows you wherever you go. it goes there before you. it hunts you down and makes sure you dont forget what it sounds like. it tortures you. psychologically and in other ways that scientists have yet to discover. use us as guinea pigs- there's 1.5 million of us. you'll get some results. it messes up your brain, makes you fight over the sillies things and argue with everyone from your parents to yourself. over nothing.

they need to invent headphones that can be loud enough to relieve you of the pain of having to hear the drones, and still not hurt your ears. they also need to write more good music, leaving you with no excuse to outrageously curse your music player. they need to write books that can make you think about nothing, give you a much needed mental break. and another excuse not to get anything useful done, because these drones make you lose focus, and concentration, and the will to do anything. at all. dronecastination.

they need to invent a world without aljazeera. and ynet, and bbc, and alarbiya and all that crap. i dont need to see whats happening to me on tv. i already have to live through it. stop torturing me. stop lying! you DONT know what it feels like to live here, and i dont care that you want to tell the world either. why does the world care? why should it?

or does this buzzing remind me of the dentist? i dont want to know. it doesnt allow you to enjoy rare good news, or rare moments of joy. at the peak of joy, it zooms in faster than thunder, as if its designed to suck it all out.

i dont expect you to read or react to this. im writing this, wishing it could help my mind becoming 'spotless'. what would a life without constant buzzing of a drone (eternal buzzing of the spotless drone?), news and politics be like? i guess ill never know.

but at least i know what it feels like to be a victim of psychological torture.


  1. I would suggest to complain to the terrorists who are holding you hostage, and not to the Israelis whose concern for their own people (and not your annoyance with drone music) has a top priority - which any logical human should understand.

  2. Yes the terrorists are at fault, not like they are living in a besieged city where ketchup is not allowed to enter. Not like Israel detains anyone contrary to international law instead of the "terrorists" who rightfully target soldiers and take them as POWs. Yes Yasmin is a combatant, my bad. Shame on you Yasmeen and your ketchup minded conspiracies, cease and desist!

  3. watershed, the drone torture and all other crimes committed by IDF have nothing to do with "their own people". If you are trying to ignore that, I blame you. If you believe it, I pity you.

  4. watershed... israel is holding gazans and all palestinians actually in an open air jail, gaza has been udnr a strict siege for years now... you trying to undermine those drones with ur extremely ignorant comment... advice: watch occupation 101 released in 2007 even before the Cast Lead TERRORIST attack on Gaza killing more than 1400 innocent children women and men... israel breaks turces to keep it's colonizing citizens safe?! YEA RIGHT... you are not even allowed to use the word logic after such a comment

  5. I think watershed just proved the point of this article =). I'm convinced this drone includes the constant, unending, monotonic Zionist rhetoric. Yasmeen, you have presented us with such a painful, personal account in such a simplistic form, it is when I read such things that I see I dont deserve the title "Palestinian" because although I may feel the effects of the Palestinian diaspora, I will never know what it is to actually experience Israel's direct disturbing effect. I thank you for just showing us what it's really like. Hopefully you'll live to see the day where there's no sound but music, ecstatic exclamations, murmur of families on verandas, simply Palestinians enjoying their rights to their lands.