Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(Random Post alert) Things that you and I have in common.

You being a random Arab, and me being a random Arab from Palestine (less random, from Gaza).

I've learned how to ignore things (attanesh in Arabic) that get on my nerves. Can't call myself a cool-headed person yet, but two years of postgraduate life in Gaza have given me more practical experience and skills than 4 years of college, studying political science (HA!): None of it makes sense!

Fayrouz فيروز

-None of the IR theories I 'specialized' in apply or can help me understand what on Earth is happening in the world.
-Anyone (ya3ni 'experts', 'analysts', etc) who claims to know what on Earth is happening in the world is probably lying, or they spend too much time watching news.
-Listening is an art that only a few can master, and benefit from. Its a great medicine, therapy, skill, talent, and a great tool in understanding the world, IF there's anything to be understood.
-Books about politics are guaranteed to confuse the hell out of you.
-The only thing that's real in this world are people and their personal stories and experiences. You want to learn about Kashmir? Don't read Foreign Policy, but read the personal account of a person living in Kashmir.
-You don't have the power or the capacity to change the world. You do, however, have the power AND the capacity to change yourself. If only each one of us kept that in mind. The only thing you have complete control over is: Yourself.
-Count your blessings and BE THANKFUL! You won't even be able to count them all. They're too many to count. They might be less than someone else's blessings, but they for sure are more than 70% of the world's population or so. Can you think of a way to share one blessing with one less fortunate person? You tell me.
-Spirituality, history, literature, art, music. Can you think of a category that encompasses the 5 of them? I can. But you can think of your own 5 or 6 or 10 "likes" and enjoy them.
-I don't know why I'm writing this. I was listening to Om Kolthoum on TV while thinking about how annoyed I get when people turn normality in Gaza to abnormality. Things like "Gaza celebrates Eid al Adha"... Well of COURSE it did! Why should something like that even make it to the news? Don't counter argue yet, I'm still pondering the thought.
However, my point is: we all have something in common. I might be addressing an Arab audience here because I'm writing this with Om Kolthoum in the background, but then again, "we" includes all of us.

-We believe that one of the best things about being Arab is Om Kolthoum. (I can probably end the list right here).
-And of course, you can't enjoy Om Kolthoum without a warm cup of tea (add sage if you're Palestinian).
-Ya salaaaaaaam if it came with rain outside your window!
-But rain would make you think of a dozen Fayrouz songs about rain. Time for Fayrouz?
-You still make fun of Netanyahu's name (Nitin Yahu!) and you probably think that Sarkozy's Bibi slip ( !)  is the juiciest piece of gossip you've heard in years.

And on goes the list. I don't want this post to turn into a description of my 'perfect evenings', but I do hope that you enjoyed reading :)

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  1. I only get bits of what you are saying but this is good :)